We provide a top level management service for your helicopter or private jet that not only gets you off the ground, but ensures that you have a luxurious on board experience too. Our knowledge and expertise is informed by years of piloting and aircraft management experience.

A pleasant journey.

The principle service aim is to make your flying experience as comfortable and luxurious as possible. With excellent facilities and thorough safety and security, your entire journey runs smoothly.

Higher safety

We champion exceptional safety standards, aiming to not only meet the Federal Aviation Administration regulations, but exceed them. We organise a detailed safety management system for each aircraft, creating a standard operations procedure and an emergency response plan which ensures that high standards are consistently maintained.

Detailed service
from ground to air.

From takeoff to landing and everything in between, our aircraft management service pays attention to every detail of your flight experience.


Pilot training and crew

We recruit the best pilots and crew for your aircraft and provide internal training in accordance with EASA regulations.

Planning and

We plan your journeys thoroughly, accessing the appropriate flight permissions and flight planning support.


In flight

Whilst in flight, we provide ground assistance for the passengers, crew and aircraft, including aircraft marshalling, control and supervision of passenger boarding and disembarking.

Maintenance headquarters.

We have an excellent central hangarage facility, Alpark SA, at the Sion airport in Switzerland. With 5 luxury hangars, your aircraft is kept in a safe, reliable environment, with efficient maintenance facilities on hand to ensure that your helicopter or private jet is always ready to fly. Aircrafts in the hangar benefit from strong security, with 24/7 surveillance. There are many exceptional facilities for work and leisure at your disposal, such as meeting rooms, pilot and crew accommodation, a VIP crew lounge and spa.